iGEM Ranjini

iGEM Competition is organized annually by the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) Foundation to support advancement of synthetic biology, education, and cooperation among students culminating in a friendly competition among the various teams participating across the globe.

We formed the first team in our University to participate in the iGEM 2019, won a Govt. of India Grant to go ahead with our research work needed to participate in the competition.

Our team AlBaCo won the Silver Medal in the competition.  I was entrusted with complete Mathematical Modelling and analysis  part of the project which envisaged creation of Algae-Bacterium Consortium for detection and degradation of estrogen-mimicking compounds in wastewater

Estrogens and a number of estrogen-like molecules pose a serious threat to the environment and global public health. We designed an efficient system for detecting, quantifying and degrading various estrogen-like phenolic endocrine disrupting molecules. The project utilized microalgal-bacterial consortium that will worked in synergy for bioremediation. The microalga Chlamydomonas was  engineered to express and secrete a laccase from the white rot fungus while the bacterium expressed an estrogen-sensitive RNA Polymerase which drove the expression of a reporter and mediator to enhance laccase activity.

iGem Award with VC